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The correct term for ulcers or sores caused by pressure and shear forces

Traditionally the terms pressure sore, pressure ulcer or decubitus ulcer have all been used to describe the same problem - a pressure injury. The National Pressure Advisory Panel have determined that "Pressure Injury" is the best way to describe this problem partly because ulcers don't always occur with pressure problems.

Pressure Injuries usually occur over bony prominences and present as localised damage to skin and tissue, mainly due to pressure, shear or friction or indeed pressure, friction and shear forces combined.

Friction can be the result of simply dragging skin across bed sheets or similar things whilst shear can occur when an area of skin is moved parallel to the skins surface. Both can contribute to pressure injuries on delicate or fragile skin.

Many HealthSaver products help to reduce these shear friction and pressure forces which may be exerted on frail fragile skin. For example DermaSaver skin protectors to prevent pressure sores or Treat Lite and Treat-Eezy cushions for pressure and shear relief when seated or lying down.

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