The Dutchblue Droppies bedside fall mat offers simple and effective fall protection

Simple & Effective Injury Protection

Key Benefits

The Droppies bedside fall mat offers simple and effective protection in situations where nursing home resident risk a fall from the bed. Prevent hip fractures and other injuries. Put the fall mat next to the bed to prevent the resident from falling on the hard floor. Our bedside fall mats are made from high-impact foam with an easy-to-clean vinyl cover. The non-slip material ensures that the floor mat remains firmly in place. The sloping edges make it easy to maneauver a wheelchair over the fall mat. Dimensions: 180 x 100 x 5 cm (LxBxH)


Made from high-impact foam Non-slip material, Droppies are easy to clean and waterproof. Bevelled edges allow easy to cross with a wheelchair.


  Foldable in 3 sections for easy storage


Droppies are supplied complete with a convenient carry and storage bag

 Droppies Bedside Fall Mats 



Droppies Fall Mats

bediside fall mat being folded by carer
Droppies fall mat next to a bed
the bevelled edge of Droppies reduces trips and slips
The fall mat or crash mat in its bag

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