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Smart Caregiver Fall Alarms
Prevent Falls & Wandering

Smart Caregiver  to prevent falls
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Cordless bed pad in use on ladys bed


The “New Patented Technology” CordLess® Fall Monitor can be mounted away from the residents bed,  thereby removing in-room alarm noise and tripping hazards. It works with bed pads, chair pads and floor mats with embedded transmitters that send a wireless signal to a fall monitor.

The Smart Caregiver range of fall prevention products are designed to help caregivers eliminate falls with early notification that a person at fall or wandering risk is about to get up and walk or wander. Caregivers can attend to that person and assist them before a fall occurs. Whether for a caregiver at home, a nursing facility, aged care facility or assisted living facility needing a quiet, audible and /or visual fall prevention or anti-wandering system, we have a solution.

Key Benefits

Wireless Fall Alarms


Cord Free Fall Monitors means no noise in room!  

Anti Wandering Solutions for the elderly


Our Motion Sensors detect wandering residents before a problem arrises

FallMonitors and bed exit alarms


Fall Monitors & Exit Alarms are designed to alert caregivers when an individual who may be at-risk needs assistance

Healthsaver also have a web site dedicated to our fall alarms with more in-depth information available. click below to visit

Fall alarm range from healthSaver

In Australia Smart Caregiver Alarms are registered by HealthSaver with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and as such are listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) as a Class 1 Medical Device. Registration Number 288028

Smart Caregiver Falla Alarms Are available on the DVA contrat
HealthSaver Fall Alarm Web Site
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Don't let them walk away! Prevent wandering at home with the new Anti-wandering DepartAlert system

Please Note: All bed/chair sensor pads or floor mats must be connected to a Smart Caregiver Monitor to operate.

Top Smart Caregiver Products 

In Australia

Wireless fall Monitor 433EC
Wirelss monitor for bed pads
Fall Alarm Monitor and Caregiver Pager
Cordless Fall Aalrm bed sensor pad
Stop wandering in dementia patients with our anti wandering and fall alarms

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