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Style meets blissful comfort

We believe that swollen feet should have the most comfortable, stylish footwear possible. That’s why we combine the latest trends with premium materials and expert shoemaking. Thanks to innovations such as our ‘Hidden Depth’ design, our footwear fits swollen feet with ease but still looks stylish and streamlined. It’s also designed to minimise the risk of seams rubbing or causing discomfort which is important if you have sensitive or vulnerable feet.

Cosyfeet Extra Wide Footwear
Cosyfeet Extra Wide

Recommended By Over 11,000 Healthcare Professionals

Since Cosyfeet began trading in 1983, healthcare professionals have recognised the benefits that our products offer. Today, over 11,000 podiatrists, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals recommend us to their clients, particularly those affected by swelling, arthritis, diabetes, poor circulation and problem feet.

  • Wider, deeper and roomier than anything you’ll find on the high street

  • Easy to get on and off swollen feet

  • Fits a range of swelling thanks to adjustable fastenings

  • Can also fit bunions, problem toes and bandaging

  • Some styles are suitable for orthotics


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