FreedomWand - The 4 in 1 Personal Hygiene & Toilet Aid

Easily grasps toilet paper, razors, or loofahs

Regain Dignity & Independence

Key Benefits

The FreedomWand is the next best care practice because it helps people reduce stress, improve hygiene and promotes an active independent lifestyle. The FreedomWand is the only toilet aid on the market that is portable, multi-length, and 4 tools in 1

The FreedomWand is the answer to personal hygiene when reaching is difficult. The specially designed head grips any tissue or pre moistened wipe securely. Hygienic and dignified, the FreedomWand is a comfortable, effective and simple way to independently complete the toileting process.

The innovative design has a very clever gripping  mechanism, which grips the toilet tissue firmly and releases it cleanly without the need to touch the tissue after wiping. Suitable for use with not only toilet tissue/wet wipes, but also for shavers, loofahs and even sponges. Elderly Fall Alarms






Registered & Approved

In Australia FreedomWand is registered by HealthSaver with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and as such are listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) as a Class 1 Medical Device. Registration Number 165375

Top FreedomWand Products

Bottom Wiper
Bum Wiper for disabled
But Wiper for the elderly
Hygiene aid for bottom wiping

Three pieces include the handle, the extension and the head. The head has a slight curve to allow for proper reach. A slide button controls the action of four fingers that grasp toilet paper, a razor, loofah, or ointment applicator. The fingers retreat into the handle to secure the item in place. The slide button releases paper into the toilet.

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