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Treat-Eezi Revolutionary Pressure Injury
Prevention Products 

Lady with pressure ulcers

The new & refreshing high-risk alternative to alternating air mattresses!!

DVA Contracted Product

Proven to assist in the healing of stage 2, 3 & 4 open wounds within 4 weeks during several clinical trials!

HeadSaver offers premium head protection

Key Benefits

protecting our seniors from head injuries


The Treat-Eezi Mattress Topper is available with or without a Vapour Permeable Cover.

Using the Unique Patent Pending Quadruple layer of fine Polyester Fibres the Treat Eezi naturally and gently moves with the patient creating an almost ZERO chafing area allowing the patient a silent, comfortable sleep along with the assurance any ulcers present are given the best possible chance to breathe and heal.


This product requires no electricity, no pumps or any maintenance contracts.  The Overlay can be washed to 80 degrees and bleached (but no fabric softeners).  A trouble free but highly effective product!

HeadSaver head protectors have been tested


stylish head protection. HeadSaver


stylish head protection. HeadSaver


stylish head protection. HeadSaver


stylish head protection. HeadSaver


stylish head protection. HeadSaver


The simple and cost effective way to prevent and indeed help heal stage 2,3 and even stage 4 pressure injuries without the need for electricity, plastic mattresses or air pumps. 

Treat-Eezi technology envelopes the contact area and distributes pressure evenly,when the body moves the air fibres surrounding the tissue maintain contact but glide on the under sheet virtually eliminating shearing,the major factor in tissue breakdown. Download Pressure Sores article from "Assistive Technology Today"

  • Machine washable up to 92 degrees, can be bleached 

  • Breathable and wicks away moisture 

  • Can be used on a double bed without affecting a partner and is easily transferred to a recline armchair.

All Treat Eezi products are CE marked & comply with BS EN 597-1&2: 1995; BS 6807 Clause 9; BS7177:2008 +A1: 2011

Treat Eezi has been tested & assessed 

Treta-Eezi is TGA registered in australia
Associate member of wounds Australia
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In Australia Treat Eezi  Pressure Sore Prevention Products are registered by HealthSaver with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and as such are listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) as a Class 1 Medical Device. Registration Numbers 294955 / 294956

Cross Section of 4 layer Treat-Eezi

DVA contract Treat-Eezi
Cross section of Treat eezi

The Secret of Why Treat-Eezi Works!

Healthsaver picture

"Very impressed with this product have trial under several patients

Palliative and stroke both using own chairs

Outcome for both patients have been excellent and hate to say cost effective for the stores

I have been impressed with the chair pads


Allows patient to function within own chair 

No marking of skin or skin damage

Use of original chair – cost effective no need for specialist chair

Can be wash and dried quickly – reused

Can be re serviced to other patients"

“We have used the Treat-Eezi Pressure Care Overlay in our nursing home for at least 3 months. We have found it to be highly effective in providing pressure relief with the added benefit of no noisy pump and no need for a contingency plan should we have a power cut. Having trialled and carefully monitored this product we now feel confident in purchasing more, as and when we need to replace the old airflow units.”   


Nicola , Nursing Home Manager

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