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Smart Caregiver Fall Alarms

HealthSaver Alarms Smart Caregiver Falls Prevention & Anti wandering Solutions.

The Smart Caregiver range of fall prevention products are designed to help caregivers eliminate falls with early notification that a person at fall or wandering risk is about to get up and walk or wander. Caregivers can attend to that person and assist them before a fall occurs. Whether for a caregiver at home, a nursing facility, aged care facilty or assisted living facility needing a quiet, audible and /or visual fall prevention or anti-wandering system, we have a solution.

Please Note:

  • All bed/chair sensor pads or floor mats must be connected to a Smart Caregiver Monitor to operate.
  • Due to the higher shipping cost because of their physical size and weight, the shipping cost of the Floor Mats is $50 for the largest ones and $25 for the smallest ones. All other items remain at $15.95 shipping cost per order.

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