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HealthSaver Is Proudly Australian Owned & Operated 

The HealthSaver Dream Team

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About HealthSaver

HealthSaver have been manufacturing, importing and distributing innovative healthcare products and medical equipment in Australia for over twenty years. The company is a leader in the field of hip and skin protection, and has a wealth of experience in the falls prevention and protection & pressure Injury prevention and protection areas, supplying equipment to Australian hospitals, aged care facilities, clinics and individuals to help with fragile skin, hip fractures and more.

HealthSaver products assist in fall prevention, hip fracture prevention, personal safety, pressure care, skin protection, positioning and rehabilitation. Our range helps to decrease the effects of adverse events such as falls, pressure ulcers etc. in the elderly, frail or disabled. Our aim is to assist in rehabilitation and boost confidence in daily living, thereby enabling our clients to participate better in society.


All HealthSaver products are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia, and HealthSavers Quality Management System is based on ISO 9001:2008

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The HealthSaver CHO's (Chief Happiness Officers)

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A Brief History
The HealthSaver story began in 1999 when Brisbane based Ian Lancaster discovered a brand new product developed in the USA by bio-mechanical engineer Ed Goodwin. It was a revolutionary comfortable and soft hip protector to aid in the prevention of hip fractures especially in the elderly. After many conversations between Ian and Ed it was agreed Ian would introduce HipSaver to the Australian market.
Within four years HipSaver had become the market leading hip protector not only in Australia but around the world, and remains so to this day. A few years later, following the huge success of HipSaver, Ed Goodwin developed a never before seen frail skin protection textile called DermaSaver which has amazing protection properties, and of course Ian Lancaster was pleased to introduce a revolutionary product into the Australian market once again. It was at this time it was decided to change the company name from HipSaver to HealthSaver to allow the addition of more products to its range.




Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society Member

The range of products exclusively imported into Australia by HealthSaver has grown over the years and now includes:


Healthsaver Brands
HipSaver hip fracture prevention
DermaSaver skin protectors
A soft head protector for the elderly
Waterproof cast protectors to keep casts and dressings dry in shower
Elderly fall Alarms by Smart caregiver
Skil Care Gel and Foam Items
non slip socks and slippers. Pillow Paws
Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 8.30.45 am_edi
Pressure sore protection gel
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