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Treat-Lite High Risk Cushions

The new & refreshing high-risk alternative to gel or air filled cushions!

Lady with pressure ulcers
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protecting our seniors from head injuries

Key Benefits

A simple cost effective high risk air cushion that requires no pump or electricity. Height adjustable, machine washable. Perfect for community equipment stores, nursing homes or any individual subjected to a long duration of sitting - such as long distance truck drivers.

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stylish head protection. HeadSaver


stylish head protection. HeadSaver


stylish head protection. HeadSaver


stylish head protection. HeadSaver


Looking for a Simple Cost Effective High Risk product that doesn’t cost the earth?   Want to be able to throw it in the washing machine?  This new technology allows you the flexibility of using it whilst not requiring pumps or electricity – what bliss!  Unlike any other mesh fibre on the market its unique cross checked weave gives it unsurpassable strength.  Please review the advantages below and then tell us why you don’t want to use one!

*  An air cushion without a pump.  No adjustments, no maintenance, long life.

*  High risk cushion which can have the innards removed if depth is not  required 

*  Extreme light weight

*  Capable of taking 130 kilo (20.5 stone) 

*  Can be machine washed at 30 degrees and hung dry

*  Cost effective. 

*  Fantastic airflow thus avoiding heat build up

*  Ideal for wheelchair services and clients at risk of pressure sores

*  Not suitable for deep emersion or clients with uneven pelvic bone structure

*  97.5% of wheelchair users can benefit from this product

*  Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

*  Available in 2 sizes :

     –  45 cm x 45 cm

     –  45 cm x 50 cm 

*  Pressure tested between 55/60 mmHg thus competing with some of the most expensive cushions

*User friendly zipper for those who struggle with dexterity.

Pressure Relief Cushion Test

Try the "bunch of keys" test for yourself on a Treat-Lite cushion - it's amazing!

All Treat-Lite & Treat-Eezi products are CE marked & comply with BS EN 597-1&2: 1995; BS 6807 Clause 9; BS7177:2008 +A1: 2011

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Associate member of wounds Australia

Treat Eezi has been tested & assessed 

Treat Lite Pressure Relief Cushion Inside

4 Layers inside the Treat-Lite Cushion

Air inside Treat Lite Cushion

Close up of the filaments trapping the air in the Treat-Lite Cushion

In Australia Treat Lite high risk cushions are registered by HealthSaver with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and as such are listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) as a Class 1 Medical Device. Registration Number 294956

DVA Contracted

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