Pressure Injury on the heels

It's common knowledge that pressure injuries are a major problem in Australia. There are several areas of the body that are more prone to pressure injuries, especially where there are bony prominences evident. Pressure injury to peoples heels are the second most common problem for pressure related skin injury.

Currently, the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Council (NPUAP) recommends “floating” the heels of all immobile patients, using heel suspension devices that elevate and offload the heel completely, even when using a pressure redistribution surface and implementing a frequent turnin

g schedule. The heel often sustains intense pressures and forces from shear and friction in bed and chair bound patients.

HealthSaver offer a range of solutions for heel offloading, including DermaSaver, Gelbodies and Skil-Care Walker and Foot Drop Boots together with many types of heel supports.

Visit our web site for information on pressure injuries and their prevention, or contact us on If you would like to speak with one of HealthSavers trained Customer Service Team just call us on 1300 767 888

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