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Hip Fractures Can Be Prevented

Hip Fractures from falls can be prevented

Hip fractures are all too common in the elderly. There are two overriding major factors that can lead to fractures of the trochanter or hip bone in the elderly population, namely an increased risk of falling because of poor stability due to many reasons including a decrease in muscle, joint, and nerve function, poor vision, the effects of medication and also weak bones that break easily due to osteoporosis.

A hip fracture is a devastating and life threatening injury, and usually requires major surgical intervention to resolve or repair. These surgical interventions can easily lead to complications including bleeding, blood clots, infections or the actual failure of the artificial hip joint. The rehabilitation period after hip replacement surgery is typically a long time incurring pain, stress and sometimes depression. programs are necessary for optimal success. For the very frail older person, ultimate recovery can be extremely difficult and long-term and lead to loss of independence, being admitted to a Nursing Home. Even death can be the result.

Intertrochantic Fracture

Obviously preventing hip fractures occurring is a very important part in looking after the elderly persons health. Some methods to decrease the risk of fall related hip fractures include regular gentle exercise, regular eye tests and medical reviews including bone density testing. The prescribing of calcium, vitamin D and other medications for osteoporosis is often implemented.

A simple and obvious way to prevent hip fractures in the elderly are the wearing of hip protectors, including during the night when many falls occur. HipSaver hip protectors are an all soft hip protector with special AirPad™ technology. They are available in many styles and sizes from underwear to track pants. HipSaver hip protectors not only protect the hip bone or trochanter from fall injuries, but also shunts the energy away reducing trauma and bruising of the surrounding tissue. HipSaver gave been clinically tried and tested and have proved to be effective. They are the only hip protector in Australia endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Contact HealthSaver on 1300 76788 or for more information.

Research has shown that among walking elderly seniors, the risk of hip fracture can be reduced by as much as 80% if a hip protector is being worn at the time of a fall.

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