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Happy Retirement Marianna!

After 6 years with the HealthSaver team, Marianna has decided to retire to persue her dreams. Thanks Marianna for your dedicated hard work, caring nature and wonderful work ethic. Marianna will be missed by all at HealthSaver and we wish her nothing but the best!

The Hardworking & Dedicated Marianna Murphy.

A Poem by Ian

Hey Listen! Whose words are they? I think I know. Its owner is quite happy though.

Full of joy like a vivid rainbow I watch her laugh. I cry hello.

She gives her packing tape dispenser a few shakes, And laughs until her belly aches.

She asks “how’s you’re bun”

And If it needs emptying its quickly dun

Another thing she often says Is Hey Listen - and it’s Happy Days

Marianna is hardworking, dedicated and deep, But she has promises to keep, And after cake and lots of sleep Dreams of retirement into her head they creep

She rises from her gentle bed, With thoughts of retirement in her head, She eats her jam with lots of bread. Ready for the retirement ahead.

The End

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