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Quick Programming Guides

Dual Recordable Fall Aalrm Monitor
Economy Fall Prevention Monitor
Elderly Fall Alarm
Wireless Falls alarm
Economy Cordless Fall Monitor
Cordless Fall Alarm for the elderly
Auto Reset Fall Alarm Monitor
Central Monitoring Unit
Pagers to alert caregiver if a patient falls

Product Insert Sheets

Fall Prevention Monitors

L-2100B  Basic Bed / Chair Exit Monitor

TL-2100E Economy Fall Monitor

TL-2100S Safety Auto-Reset Monitor

TL-2100CP Change Pad Indicator Fall Monitor

TL-2100G CordLess Fall Monitor

 TL-2016R Wireless Fall Monitor

Pull String Monitors

L-2000 (TL-02) “Unbreakable” Pull-String Monitor

TL-3100V DUAL Recordable Voice Fall Monitor

TL-01 Non-Magnetic Pull-String Monitor (Pacemaker Safe)

TL-03 / TL-04 Bed or Chair Fall Monitor

Anti Wandering Fall Systems

TL-3005SYSR2  Anti-Wandering Single Door Bar System

TL-3004SYSR2   Anti-Wandering Double Door Bar System

Wireless Systems

TL-5102TP Two Call Button to Pager System

433-EC Economy CordLess® Fall Monitor

433-CMU Economy Central Monitoring Unit

TL-2015R2 Large Facility Central Monitoring Unit

Wheelchair Seat Belts

L-2109 / TL-2109V Early Warning Wheelchair Seat Belt Sensor Alarms

Motion Sensor Systems

TL-2800 Motion Sensor with Portable Receiver Alarm

TL-5102MP Motion Activated Paging System

Please Note: All bed/chair sensor pads or floor mats must be connected to a Smart Caregiver Monitor to operate.

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