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Pressure Reduction for Fragile Skin

A new innovative range of skin protection and skin protectors products from the manufacturers of the HipSaver soft hip protector. DermaSavers protect fragile skin from sustaining damage caused by friction, rubbing, abrasion and and pressure that could lead to skin breakdowns, tears and splits. DermaSavers can also help to heal existing skin tears, splits and lacerations without the restriction of bandages and dressings.


DermaSaver products are made from innovative breathable MicroSpring textile which is a very special fabric. It is soft and springy with thousands of microfilaments per square inch. It is breathable with ample ventilation reaching the skin due to free air flow within the microfilaments. MicroSpring textile offers superior moisture wicking properties that enable speedy transfer of moisture away from the skin. It is soft and stretchy and will not flatten or crumble. It is washable at 95°C (boiling wash) and can be tumble dried at high temperature.

Head to Toe protection with DermaSaver

Diagram of pressure sore areas

The problem with traditional solutions

Here's what nurses, therapist and caregivers tell us about their found general dissatisfaction with traditional skin protection products:

  • Heel protectors constantly fall off, providing no protection and wasting time and money.

  • Limb sleeves are too tight and cause skin tears upon removal.

  • Limb sleeves "bunch up" or slip down

  • Skin protective products are not washable or wash poorly.

  • Elbow pads roll off the elbow.

  • Residents find skin protective products hot and uncomfortable.

  • Products are "one size fits all" and don't fit anyone quite right.

  • Finger separators flatten out.

  • Lack of products to properly protect certain areas (for example amputation stumps, back, sacrum and oxygen tube pressure areas).

DermaSaver's Revolutionary MicroSpring™ Textile Offers Breathability, Moisture Transfer and Anti-Microbial Protection not possible with gels, foams, fleece.


To address these issues we have invented DermaSaver™, a complete line of skin protection and pressure reducing products. By creative application of MicroSpring™ textiles we have created something that has never existed before: a surface that relieves all of the factors leading to pressure sores and skin tears: pressure, shear, friction, and moisture entrapment. The compression resistive force of DermaSaver's MicroSpring Textile closely matches that of soft tissue, making DermaSaver like a soft protective extra skin layer

microfilaments in DermaSaver demonstration
Explanation of how DermaSaver works diagram

Reduced Pressure with Micorofilaments

Each layer of MicroSpring Textile has 4000 microfilaments per square inch to act as mini pressure reducing springs. Microfilaments flex to reduce pressure on bony prominences and cushion fragile skin from bumps and abrasions that cause skin tears.


Never before seen in Australia, this revolutionary multi-layered textile offers breathability, moisture transfer and anti-microbial protection not possible with foams, gels or fleece. Up to 20,000 microfilaments per square inch act as mini springs which flex to reduce pressure on bony prominences such as heel, elbow, vertebra and trochanter. This unique fabric construction allows for a loose-fiting, non constricting, flexible sleeve which holds its shape. DermaSaver skin tubes won't bunch up or slip down.

Comfortable & Breathable 

DermaSaver SkinTubes™ are made of soft, flexible MicroSpring Textile Thousands of microfilaments give them body to Fit loosely without slipping down or bunching up.


DermaSaver Skin Protectors are garment like and can be worn at all times, as or when required. They can be worn in bed, in wheelchairs and when walking, and are available in a full range of pressure relieving and skin protecting products. They are fully compatible with topical creams and ointments, and because they are breathable and allow air circulation and constant ventilation, they will protect the skin without the drawbacks of bandages or dressings. The moisture wicking properties of the fabric ensure that the skin remains dry and cool at all times.


DermaSavers are protected with Aegis Microbe Shield permanently bonded to the fibres. Aegis Microbial Shield prevents bacterial and microbial growth. It is a permanent protection that does not fade, wash out or leach and lasts permanently for the duration of the DermaSaver protector's life. DermaSaver - Revolutionary Skin Protection and Pressure Reduction Skin Protectors.

DeremaSaver skin tubes are self supporting

Manufactured in the USA

DermaSavers are protected by the AEGIS microbe shield

All layers of DermaSaver products are protected by the Aegis Microbe shield which uses an EPA registered antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms on the product. It is permanently bonded to the fibers, does not leach, or volatize.

AEGIS Benefits:

  • Complete anti-microbial protection - Protects fabrics against bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus

  • Keeps fabrics fresher longer – Requires less frequent washing, saving time and money

  • Durable and non-absorbent –Stays put and protects the entire product, not just the surface

  • Safe and environmentally friendly–Safe for humans and the environment

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You can use creams and ointments with DermaSaver products.


All DermaSaver products (except the oxygen/feeding tube covers) can be completely washed and dried even in high temperature institution laundries.


The unique, patent pending constructions of DermaSaver products were developed by Ed Goodwin, founder and inventor of HipSaver hip protectors. DermaSaver products are manufactured exclusively by HipSaver, Inc. in the USA

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