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The Original & Genuine LimbO - Still Made in the UK.

Beware of cheap inferior imitations manufactured elsewhere!

LimbO Waterproof limb protectors for bathing and showering

The comfortable, easy-to-use and reusable waterproof protector

The LimbO protector is a comfortable, easy-to-use, reusable waterproof cast cover and protector which can be completely submerged. It is a self-sealing, self-supporting garment which prevents the penetration of water to plaster casts and wound dressings on arms or legs during bathing. It is simple and comfortable to use and will last through the average user's duration of treatment.

The LimbO provides a significant quality of life improvement for the user. It is a non-sterile product and is primarily intended for use in a bath or shower, but as the LimbO is robust and waterproof it can be used for swimming or in hydro pools provided some basic common sense precautions are taken. (see details under swimming)

The LimbO enables you enjoy the benefit and healing benefits that water can provide for the rest of your body while ensuring your wound or plaster remains dry.We have a complete range of LimbO's for Adults, Children, Arms, Legs and Hands. 

The LimbO waterproof limb protector is made in the UK by Thesis Technology

Thesis Technologies business ethos is about innovation and improving the quality of life for the individual. They believe in well-made, affordable products and are proud of their excellent customer service record. They are committed to manufacturing in the United Kingdom.

Thesis Technology Products Ltd. is a family business established in 1994 by a group of engineering, technical and finance professionals who left their jobs in the electronics and computer industry in the south of England to start the new company.

The initial design and manufacturing facility was installed in Hampshire and the first product that resulted from the group was the LimbO Waterproof Protector  - a patented design that was developed with significant involvement from Southampton General Hospital who assisted with user data and testing. 

Today the company occupies a factory and offices near Chichester in West Sussex and our expanded product line has gained world-wide recognition.  The LimbO is the market leader in the UK, being used by patients from around 700 UK hospitals and clinics, and recommended by health professionals because they trust our manufacturing methods and they know how well we look after their patients. 

Thesis Technology - LimbO Products actively supports education and training and has valuable links with organisations such as the Association of Orthopaedic Practitioners (AOP UK), the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA and BCC) and the Orthopaedic & Trauma Alliance (formerly Castaways).

Thesis Technology/LimbO Products is also a loyal supporter of the charities Children in Need, Help for Heroes, Aquaid  and the Africa Trust.

The Secret is in the Seal

There is a cellular neoprene seal which has a wide band of contact and therefore does not pinch the skin or feel constrictive whilst the main body is of a pliable waterproof material and is roomy and slip resistant. The closed cell neoprene with bonded nylon fabric outer layer for additional strength, and is also Latex free.


The LimbO is designed to protect plaster casts and wound dressings from getting wet during bathing, it can also be used for swimming and hydrotherapy.


Dressing & Cast Protection 

Initially designed for Orthopaedic use to protect plaster or synthetic casts it rapidly became clear that the product had wider applications in the wound area, where the non-contact nature of the main body of the LimbO made it particularly suitable where any pressure on the wound was undesirable. 

LimbO waterproof leg protector on use in the bath

Durable Waterproof Protection  

The LimbO waterproof protector is designed so that in Orthopaedic applications, with normal use, it will last through the period a cast should be worn. On average eight weeks. In wound care it will last longer as it will be used in a less aggressive environment (i.e. dressing instead of cast) and patients have reported satisfactory use for periods over one year!


Yes- over one year!! The LimbO is designed to protect plaster casts and wound dressings from getting wet during bathing, it can also be used for swimming and hydrotherapy.


limbo waterproof arm protector in the shower
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Limbo childs arm protector in bath
HealthSaver and LimbO

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