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Limbkeepers non compression protective sleeves

 Limbkeepers -effective limb protectors for thinning skin, weak skin and skin tears

The versatile Limbkeeper products help reduce injuries, allow you to continue daily activities, maintain quality of life and independence.
They are sold in pairs and assorted colours at affordable prices.

Limbkeepers Leg Protectors
Limbkeepers for Hiking
Limbkeeper full arm protectors
Fragile skin can be protected
Limbkeepers in the sun
Limbkeepers fingerless  gloves
Limbkeepers in the kitchen
LimbKeeper full arm sleeves
Limbkeeper Gloves
Limbkeepers Leg Sleeves
Limbkeepers Forearm Sleeves
Limbkeepers Fingerless Gloves
limbkeepers Long Fingerless Gloves
Limbkeepers Gloves for driving
Limbkeeper 3/4 Finger Gloves
Limbkeepers made in USA


A superior moisture management lightweight synthetic fiber; breathable, yet retains warmth when it’s cold and coolness when it’s warm.

CoolMax® Polyester
A high performance polyester made from recycled plastic. Well known for its ability to move moisture away from the skin with an inherent resistance to fading and shrinkage.

Lycra® Spandex
Provides four-way stretch and recovery to enhance formfitting comfort

Provides durability, quick-drying and easy to wash. Well known for its strength and stretch.

Provides extreme stretch and recovery.

All yarns used in Limbkeepers are used in pro sport socks and apparel.

Stop Skin Tears on elderly fragile skin
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The polypropylene and CoolMax® polyester yarns have inherent moisture wicking features for quick dry. The blend of these high performance yarns with Lycra® Spandex, nylon, and elastic make a cushioned, formfitting sleeve without compression. The rebound stretch keeps these sleeves from sliding down and helps retain their shape.


  • Non-compression

  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection

  • Latex free

  • Anti-microbial – helps curb odor causing bacteria (arm & leg sleeves)

  • Unique blend of performance yarns

  • Wicking – channels moisture away from skin

  • Formfitting with four-way rebound stretch

  • Interchangeable sleeves for a perfect fit

  • Stays in place – no adhesives

  • Colorfast – easy care / quick dry

  • Soft and breathable knit

  • Seamless – no fasteners

  • Non-restricting

  • One size fits most

  • All products sold in pairs

  • Sleeves also available in lightweight

  • Stays in place

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Limbkeepers prevent skin tears and help to maintain skin integrity on the limbs of the elderly and those suffering from compromising skin conditions. 

Skin Tear catagories
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Categories of Skin Tears
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