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Fallguard Safety Auto Reset Monitor

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Product Details
Brand: Smart Caregiver Alarms

Safety Auto-Reset Monitor is designed for use with all Smart Caregiver corded sensor pads and mats. Simply plug a sensor pad into the monitor and place the pad under the resident in a chair or bed. When the resident gets up and pressure is removed, the alarm will sound notifying caregivers that the resident is on the move. This alarm features a Safety Auto-Reset™ Function which will automatically reset and silence the alarm when pressure is re-applied to the sensor pad.Optional TamperProof™ SettingWhen set to TamperProof™, the Monitor alert can ONLY be reset using the provided Caregiver Key™. Selecting this setting ensures that only the designated caregiver can silence the alarm.SAFE w/ Always ON TechnologyThe TL-2100S has been designed without an ON/OFF switch to sure that the monitor cannot be accidentally disarmed. And since the monitor automatically turns back on when pressure is re-applied to the connected sensor pad, the system is always on and ready for immediate use.Features:– Safety Auto-Reset function automatically silences and resets alarm-Optional Setting: Caregiver with key can reset the monitor with Patented, Caregiver Key™ which tamper proofs monitor.-Always ON Technology: No unsafe On/Off switch ensures monitor cannot be accidentally turned off.-Nurse Call System Enabled (1/4” Nurse Call Port)-Battery Operated (3-AA, Not Included).-Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-05

Chair/Bed Pads/Floor Mats (supplied separately)

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