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Cosy Feet Extra Roomy Footwear

HealthSaver are honoured to have been appointed by UK manufacturer Cosyfeet their exclusive Australian importer/distributor.

  • Wider, deeper and roomier than anything you’ll find on the high street. Easy to get on and off swollen feet
  • Fits a range of swelling thanks to adjustable fastenings. Can also fit bunions, problem toes and bandaging.
  • All styles have the same extra roomy fitting (6E for women and 3H for men) & can be adjusted to suit a range of swelling.
  • Thanks to innovations such as our ‘Hidden Depth’ design, our footwear fits swollen feet with ease but still looks stylish and streamlined.
  • Quality materials & craftmanship, endorsed by experts & made in the UK. Some styles are suitable for orthotics.

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