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Corded Bed Sensor Pad 10" X 30"

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Brand: Smart Caregiver Alarms

Corded Bed Pads.10" x 30" Bed Alarm Sensor Pads with Unique SafeT Release™ Replaceable Cords. One year warranty

Bed Alarm Pads offer to Caregivers an efficient method of knowing when a resident is getting out of a bed. Bed Alarm Sensor Pads from Smart Caregiver are compatible with all Smart Caregiver fall prevention monitors and systems. These bed alarm pads are totally sealed and impervious to fluids. These weight-sensitive pressure pads are for fall prevention bed alarm monitors use. When the bed pad is connected to a fall prevention bed alarm monitor, the bed pad will trigger the fall prevention alarm when weight is removed from the pressure pad itself.

Please Note: All bed/chair sensor pads or floor mats must be connected to a Smart Caregiver Monitor to operate.

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