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Soft leather extra deep ultra-adjustable shoe.
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Product Details

Our extra-deep soft leather problem solver

Crafted from beautifully soft leather, this ultra-adjustable top-notch shoe fits a variety of tricky feet. Made on our deepest last, it’s very generous across the front so it’s ideal if you need extra room for bunions or problem toes. It also opens right out, so it’s easy to put on, even if you’re bandaged or very swollen across your foot. The underfoot cushioning and seam-free lining makes it bliss for sensitive feet.

Why you’ll love Alison...

  • Seam-free lining is made from a sanitised material which allows feet to breathe
  • Cushioned footbed can be removed to fit an orthotic
  • Shock absorbing sole adds stability to the foot and ankle
  • Opens almost down to the toe so it’s easy to get on and off a swollen foot
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Strap extensions are available for especially swollen feet

Care Guide

Protecting leather footwear

  • We recommend you regularly treat leather footwear with shoe protector to protect it from water and guard against stains.

Cleaning & caring for leather footwear

  • Wipe footwear clean with a damp cloth and allow it to dry fully before using a good quality shoe polish or shoe cream in an appropriate colour. Apply with a suitable cloth, rub in until absorbed and then buff up with another cloth. A neutral polish is sensible for all colours.
  • If your footwear gets wet allow it to dry naturally. Don’t put them in the airing cupboard or near a fire or radiator. Stuffing them with newspaper or tissue will help ensure they maintain their shape whilst drying.
Liz Quartley, Cosyfeet Shop Manager & Fitting Expert Review:

"Made of lovely soft leather, we find this style a very useful problem solver here in our shop in Street. I find it fits a variety of tricky feet. Its very generous in the toe so is ideal if you need a lot of width and depth to accommodate bunions and toe problems. They are very easy to put on as they open right down to the toe area so they will be suitable for you if you have lots of swelling on the top of your foot or if you are heavily bandaged. The foot bed is very cushioned so is great if your feet are sensitive. It's also removable if you want to put in your own orthotic. It's a casual style and in white, has the appearance of a trainer."

Sizing Guide Cosyfeet Slippers & Shoes are designed for feet that can't fit into ordinary footwear. They are extra wide and extra deep so they’re very roomy.

All our women’s styles are made with an extra wide fitting of approximately 6E, and our Mens styles with an extra wide fitting of 3H.

But don’t worry if you don’t know your width size as many of our styles are adjustable. This means they’re flexible enough to fit feet that swell up during the day or if one foot is more swollen than the other.

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