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Limbkeepers non compression protection
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 Limbkeepers -effective protection for thinning skin, weak skin and skin tears

Made in USA
skin tear on elderly legs
Elderly hand with skin tear
frail thin skin on elderly hand
Skin flap on arm
Painful skin tear on arm
skin tear on hand of older person
frail fragile skin after a skin tear
Injured hand with skin flap on seniors hand
skin tears on the legs leading to skin ulcers
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Skin Tear Types

Skin Tear FAQ's

What is a skin tear?

A skin tear is a type of wound caused by trauma that leads to a tearing or a loss of skin. A skin tear can lead to a cut or an abrasion type wound. A skin tear can be shallow or deep.

What does a skin tear looks like?

Sometimes a skin tear can leave a loose flap of skin. Often there is bruising.

Who is at risk for a skin tear?

People with fragile skin are at risk of a skin tear. This includes: older persons; persons who use equipment such as wheelchairs or walkers; persons with poor vision or mobility; or persons taking medicines such as steroids or blood thinners.

How to help reduce the risk of a skin tear

Use a moisturiser regularly.
Drink plenty of fluids (but not too much caffeine or alcohol).
Wear long sleeves and pants.
Be careful when using equipment or handling skin.
Specialised limb protectors are available from some medical suppliers for persons at high risk of skin tears.

When to seek advice from a doctor

If the wound is larger than a 50 cent piece in size.
If the wound does not stop bleeding within 10 minutes.
If the wound bleeds every time the dressing is changed.
If the wound becomes painful or inflamed and this does not settle down in a couple of days.
If the drainage from the wound becomes excessive, smelly or discoloured.
If the wound becomes black.
If the wound has not healed in four weeks or if the wound becomes larger.
If there are any other concerns regarding the wound.

How to care for a skin tear

Always wash hands with soap and water for 15 seconds and dry them on a clean towel
before cleaning or dressing any wound.
If the wound is still bleeding use a clean towel to apply gentle pressure to the area until the bleeding stops.
Carefully wash the wound under water.
Pat the area dry very carefully.
If there is a loose flap of skin carefully place the skin back over the open wound but do not stretch the skin.
Cover the wound with a non adherent dressing. Ask your pharmacist, doctor or health
professional for advice on an appropriate dressing.
Change the dressing if it becomes wet, soiled or soaked with wound drainage.
Try to avoid changing the dressing too often as this can cause more damage.

The versatile Limbkeeper products help reduce injuries, allow you to continue daily activities, maintain quality of life and independence. They are sold in pairs and assorted colours at affordable prices.


A superior moisture management lightweight synthetic fiber; breathable, yet retains warmth when it’s cold and coolness when it’s warm.

CoolMax® Polyester
A high performance polyester made from recycled plastic. Well known for its ability to move moisture away from the skin with an inherent resistance to fading and shrinkage.

Lycra® Spandex
Provides four-way stretch and recovery to enhance formfitting comfort

Provides durability, quick-drying and easy to wash. Well known for its strength and stretch.

Provides extreme stretch and recovery.

All yarns used in Limbkeepers are used in pro sport socks and apparel.

Sun Proetection 50+


The polypropylene and CoolMax® polyester yarns have inherent moisture wicking features for quick dry. The blend of these high performance yarns with Lycra® Spandex, nylon, and elastic make a cushioned, formfitting sleeve without compression. The rebound stretch keeps these sleeves from sliding down and helps retain their shape.

Tip: Health conditions such as Spinal Injury, Diabetes and Circulatory Disorders often lead to fragile skin which is prone to injury, making it especially important that the skin is  adequately protected

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