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What Our Customers Have Been Saying

Well worth the money


"I bought the panties to use after my hysterectomy. I talked to my surgeon about them beforehand and he was agreeable to my using them. It's not quite 3 weeks since I had my hysterectomy and I can tell you this: the Post-Op Panty was very helpful in helping me with regaining movement early on. The fit was good and the silicone panel sat in a place where it seemed to do the most good. Thank you for helping me to find a product to help me." -Mary B.

You will not regret it!


"After many abdominal surgeries I decided to give these a try. While they seem a tad pricey please don't let the price stop you, they are worth every penny and maybe more. The panties were so comfortable and gave such support that I was able to stop taking my pain meds and ordered 2 additional pairs the next day. If you are scheduled for any type of abdominal surgery, order a pair of these wonderful panties, you will not regret it! - Kimberly McGhee

Perfect support - post surgery


"I bought two pairs of Post Op Panty before my hysterectomy - and I'm so glad I did! They offer the perfect support post surgery and made my recovery a breeze! My nurses and doctors were amazed - and asked where I got them so they could recommend them to their other patients. Couldn't be happier after a hysterectomy !" - Kristen S.



"Great item to use while recovering from abdominal hysterectomy. Very supportive and helped keep everything in. Washes well and kept its shape. Great item!" - Charlie

Great for post hysterectomy


"I am so glad I bought this product after my surgery. It offers great comfort, support and it did the job!" - Rena

The perfect combo for a myomectomy surgery recovery


"Post-Op Panty was the ideal combo, good quality, true to size. I used it for a myomectomy surgery recovery and they worked just perfect. The nude colour is invisible under any garments. Not too strong nor week hold, its delivers the perfect compression needed, and it worked wonderful under any clothes options. The shorter version is ideal for later when you cannot stand clothes too close to your wound plus it gives you just enough compression to feel supported but not restricted. I love this product." -- Floreana C.

Compression and Silicon Scar Management are frequently used in my surgical practice


"Silicone provide a comforting, moisture retaining area for minimizing scarring and helping recovery symptoms such as itching and burning while the compression panel helps support and control swelling at the incision. Controlling scarring and swelling means increased comfort

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