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 Adaptive Clothing For The Dignity & Comfort Of All

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Adaptive Clothing For Seniors & People with Disabilities To Enable Independent & Assisted Dressing & Of Course Dignity.

Silverts products include top quality elderly adaptive clothing for those who are handicapped or suffer from ALS, Alzheimers, Arthritis, Diabetes, Edema, Full Figured Problems, Incontinence, Leg Stiffness, Parkinsons and many other restrictive or handicap problems related to getting dressed.


We understand the routine physical dilemmas faced by many in the daily chore of dressing. As a result, the Silverts design department continually consults with clients, caregivers and health care professionals to meet the daily needs of customers 


Of course we take into consideration the need for wash-and-wear garments. Customers do not need or want to spend time and money on dry cleaning. Fabrics are chosen for their level of durability because our products are often subjected to industrial washers and dryers. Styles are tested and retested to ensure maximum comfort and ease of dressing.

How can Arthritis Clothing help?

Silvert's offers a full line of clothing for those with arthritis that offers independent dressing designs with elastic waists, magnets, zippers and Easy Touch or VELCRO® brand closures, these specially designed closures provide easy to manipulate dressing options when buttons become an issue.

When mobility becomes more problematic try open back adaptive clothing. Adaptive open back tops offer a quick and easy way of dressing a person who has various degrees of upper arm paralysis. Open back adaptive wheelchair pants offer easy seated dressing solutions when weight bearing becomes impossible.

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Alzheimers and Demantia Clothing
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We also stock a range of Alzheimer's Patient Clothing.......

When you are trying to care for someone who has Alzheimer's, sometimes referred to as "altimers", "alzimers" or "alz", it can be difficult to even get through a simple day. Alzheimer's disease treatment is something that you need to step into carefully, as there are a multitude of research options that you will be learning on a daily basis. Alzheimer's research and treatment options will entail a great deal of time, exploring options such as looking for Alzheimer's medication, or searching for advances towards an Alzheimer's cure, but really it is often finding daily solutions to assist with everyday tasks such as searching for Alzheimer's clothes that will end up taking a lot of your time. we have the Alzheimer's apparel that will make your loved one more comfortable and reduce the chances of any embarrassing mishaps due to their Alzheimer's diagnosis symptoms. Our Alzheimer's clothing solutions will help you to keep your loved one comfortable, and make it easy for you to help them through their daily life. Silvert's is able to offer Alzheimer's clothing solutions from symptoms of early dementia to later stages of dementia.

Whether it's full on dementia or memory loss in the elderly Silvert's is there to assist you at every stage of your loved ones life. Early easy access clothing with VELCRO® brand clothing to dementia clothing that you can use to help with Alzheimer treatment solutions.

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